Friday, September 4, 2009

Sewn Together Challenge #2

I am entering my second challenge at Sew Many Cards. The challenge is to make a Halloween Card using the colors purple, yellow, red or pink and a neutral color not including black. I had lots of fun once again making this card. I think I see a new hobby coming on! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sewing on Cards

I needed to make a card that had some kind of sewing on it to enter into a challenge at StampTV. I decided to go ahead and make a birthday card for my daughter who will be turning 2 this month. I hand sewed this card because I do not have a machine, but the winner of the challenge will win a Janome Sew Mini Machine! So, wish me luck!! I've never sewn on a card before, especially since this is only my second card to ever make. I decided to use thread to make my sprinkles and it just went from there. I think it turned out fairly well:)

Overall Photography Winner 2008

The following twelve posts are my winning photos at our local fair in 2008. I won overall in the Photography exhibits- Open Home Division. (You will see a couple other posts I sneaked in amongst these photos) I have posted the winning photo and the scrapbook page where I have them now.

Jade & Jack

I got a lot of great black and white shots of Jade playing with his dog Jack. This one, which I entered in the Human Interest category, one third place. One more of my favorites:)

Country Road

I needed a black and white scenic photo to enter into the fair and didn't have much time left. So, I stepped out my front door, went out onto the road and took this picture. It won 1st place!


Click on the above image for your chance to win!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Jade got a puppy he named Jack. Unfortunately Jack either ran away or got stolen when he was not very old. He loved to follow my husband around working on the farm and we are not sure what happened to him. He was a very good puppy and luckily I had gotten some beautiful pictures of him in the time that we had him. Jade still misses him and I am glad we have these photos of him.

Alma Rosa

I won 2nd place with this adorable photo of Alma Rosa. She looked so cute and it was a good picture to do in black and white.

Our Hands

I wanted to take a different kind of picture so I decided to do our hands. I held the camera with one hand while me, my husband and our two children stacked our hands. After several attempts I got this shot before Alma Rosa moved her little hand.